Posture Improving Workout #25DaysofMFit

We have made it through the first week of the #25DaysofMFit. I hope you are feeling strong! If you haven’t yet done the previous six workouts in the challenge, make sure you go back and do them. Today is Day 7 of the challenge and we are doing a posture improving workout.

This back workout will not only strengthen your upper back, but it will also help you stand up taller. Having good posture during a workout and throughout your day to day tasks is so important. If you have bad posture, you are more likely to experience spinal problems, neck pain, and lower back aches. Incorporating a workout, like the one below, into your weekly routine will hopefully prevent those things from happening!

In this video, we will use a mix of mini resistance bands, dumbbells, and body weight exercises to strengthen all those muscles that help you stand straight. If you don’t have equipment at home, add some items from the MFit Amazon store to your holiday cart. The added resistance will make the exercises more effective.

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I hope you enjoy this workout as much as I enjoyed filming it. Make sure you check back tomorrow for Day 8 of the challenge, or if you can’t wait that long – join the #25DaysofMFit challenge on my website to receive all 25 workout videos today!

Try the posture improving workout below.

Do 1 set of the following:
Posture Y (10 reps)
Unweighted Reverse Fly (10 reps)
Unweighted Airplane Fly (10 reps)
Mini Band Lat Pull Down (15 reps)

Do 2 sets of the following:
Mini Band Pull Over (10 reps)
Dumbbell Row (15 reps)

Do 1 set of the following:
Plank Rows (10 reps)
Wide to Narrow Dumbbell Row (10 reps)

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