Lower Body Warm-up + Booty Activation

Some people nag their loved ones about eating better, working out, or cleaning… I nag people about warming up before exercise. If you want to have a good workout, you need to prepare the body first! Today I want to share with you the importance of warming up and show you what an effective lower body warm-up looks like.

The warm-up routine below will help you warm-up your lower body and activate your butt muscles so you are able to feel them more during your leg workout.

I will take you through some active stretches and mobility exercises. Each movement will be connected so you never stop moving. This will generate heat in the body, stretch out tight muscles that may hinder your workout, and engage the lower body muscles you are about to use in your workout.

A warm-up should not be easy. It should be effective. And this one will be.

After the main warm-up is finished, we will move on to some butt activating exercises using a mini band. A lot of people struggle to feel their gluteal muscles in a leg workout. Doing these activation exercises prior to the workout will help you feel them more! If you don’t have a mini band, get one from the MFit Amazon store. You do not want to skip this activation section.

Activating the gluteal muscles is not only beneficial to molding a better booty, but it is also extremely important if you have knee issues. I have created tons of knee-friendly workouts for the MFit YouTube channel for my MFit home workout plans. If you want your knees to feel better and get stronger, you need to work on your butt!

The workouts in my 4-Week Peach Plan emphasize the lower body warm-ups for all the reasons stated above. So if you have knee issues, want a better-looking behind, or just want a challenge – check out that 4-week plan.

Try the lower body warm-up below:

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