Goodbye Love Handles Workout

Love handles may sound cute, but we all want to get rid of them. That fat build-up along your waistline can be hard to shake. But hopefully my advice and this “goodbye love handles workout” will help you shake it off anyway.

While I’d love to tell you, you only have to do the video below once to get rid of your love handles, that isn’t the case. It takes a little more work than that. If you want to see serious changes in your core and obliques, you need to do some serious work.

Belly fat, on the middle and the sides, can be hard to get rid of. But I am here to help! Try pairing the workout below with a cardio and strength program like the 4-Week Flat Abs Plan. That 28-day plan is filled with core workouts, total body workouts, cardio and kickboxing routines. The Flat Abs Plan will help you burn fat and build muscle all over your body, so you can see those amazing abs you’re creating.

In addition to working out, you also have check in with what you are eating. Luckily, the 4-Week Flat Abs Plan comes with the MFit Diet Planner that will help you determine the right amount of food to eat for your body and your goals.

Try the goodbye love handles workout below.

Do 1 set of each exercise:

Downdog to Plank (5 reps)
Downdog to Spiderman Plank (10 reps)
Lunge Downdog (10 reps)
Lunge Elbow to Knee (5 reps each)
Side Plank (30 seconds)
Forearm Plank (30 seconds)
Candlestick to Reach (10 reps each)
Cross Climber (20 reps)
Russian Twists (20 reps)
Side Plank Reach (10 reps)
Side Plank Dips (10 reps)

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