Kettlebell Toning Workout

If you are trying to lose weight, build muscle or basically change your body in any way, you must keep variety in your workout routine. This can mean changing your rep count, lifting more or less weight, changing your stance or switching up the pace. Today, we are using different equipment in this kettlebell toning workout.

Swapping dumbbells for a kettlebell is one of my favorite ways to add variety to my routine. Kettlebells are interesting because, when you hold one the traditional way, by the handle, the resistance is further from your body.

When you workout with dumbbells you can feel 10 pounds sitting in your the palm of your hand. However, when you use a kettlebell the resistance is out a few inches. Those few inches can really confuse your body and challenge your core.

There are so many benefits to using kettlebells in your workout routine. I personally appreciate the core stability it requires to use the weight.

Today I’ve created a workout for you that will not only challenge your core, but your whole body. We will go over several different ways to use this weight.

If you want to see more kettlebell workouts, be sure to let me know! I may have to add some kettlebell workouts to my home workout plans!

Follow along with the kettlebell toning workout below!

Complete one set of the following circuit:

– Kettlebell Swings (20)
– Pass Through Back Lunges (20)
– Squat Front Raise (10)
– Pulse Squat (15)
– Shift Squat (20)
– Triple Threat (10e)
– Plank 3 Ways (30s each)

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