Top 5 Inner & Outer Thigh Exercises

We’ve all seen pictures of beautiful models whose thighs don’t touch. It can be difficult not to compare ourselves to these women and men. Today we are doing a thigh workout. The inner & outer thigh exercises in this video will help you shape your already beautiful thighs!

The thigh gap you see on models in magazines isn’t achievable for all. It is not something you can manipulate your body to have. The “thigh gap” is something that your anatomy controls. I personally do not have a thigh gap, but I’ve trained my thighs to look amazing without it.

Even though you can’t control your thigh gap, you can control how your thighs look. Today I am going to share with you my favorite inner & outer thigh movements. Several years ago I posted a different inner & outer thigh video, but today I have some fresh exercises for you.

Remember this workout is not going to magically help you lose fat from your thighs. You can’t spot reduce (lose fat in one specific area), but you can build muscle in an isolated area to help promote fat loss.

These exercises will challenge the inner & outer thigh from all angles. This will help shape the entire leg. The strength you will gain from this workout will also help protect your joints from injury.

Follow the workout instructions below or follow along with the video:

Do one set of each exercise.

1. Banded Squat to Side Leg Lift
2. Banded Side Steps
3. Sumo Squat > Sumo Squat Stomp > Traveling Sumo Squat
4. Sumo Squat Jack
5. Plie Squat > Plie Heel Lifts > Traveling Plie Squat

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