Dumbbell Only Lean Arms Workout

It’s Tuesday, which means I have posted a new free workout to the MFit YouTuve channel. Grab some light dumbbells and join me for this lean arms workout. You can easily do this workout from home. So, press play and start moving with me!

This workout is going to become your go-to upper body workout when you are short on time. This fast-paced dumbbell workout is going to KILL your arms. We will work the shoulders, back, bicep, chest and triceps!

All you need is one light set of dumbbells and a bit of will power to push through the tough moments.

If you do not have a set of dumbbells at home, feel free to purchase some on the MFit Amazon store. Or if you prefer, use some water bottles instead!

Follow the lean arms workout below. 

Do each exercise once and quickly move on to the next:

Walk down curl to press (10 reps)
Curl to press (10 reps)
Bicep curl (15 reps)
Rotator cuff curl (15 reps)
Narrow row (20 reps)
Spiderman to push-up (10 reps)
Burpee shoulder press (10 reps)
Plank rows (20 reps)
Kneeling Arnold press (15 reps)
Overhead tricep extension (15 reps)
30-second tricep hold
Prisoner press, right (15 reps)
Flipped Front raise (10 reps)
Prisoner press, left (15 reps)

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