Summer Jump Rope Cardio Workout

Happy early 4th of July! Today I’ve created a workout that you can take outside and do with your whole family! This jump rope cardio workout will take you back to your childhood. It is quick, effective and a lot of fun.

Most of the time I keep my home workouts low impact. However, I thought it would be fun to do something a little different today. However, if jumping rope is not something you feel comfortable with, you can substitute any cardio exercise for the jumping intervals. Check out this playlist of low impact workouts for some ideas!

For more fun cardio routines, check out my 4-Week Flat Abs Plan. The videos in that home workout plan will help you strengthen your core muscles by doing a variety of exciting workouts!

Follow along with the jump rope cardio workout.

Do each exercise for 1-minute:

1. Jump Rope
* 30 second rest
2. Squats
3. Walk Downs
* 30 second rest
4. Jump Rope
* 30 second rest
5. Alternating Back Lunges
6. Push-ups
* 30 second rest
7. Jump Rope
* 30 second rest
8. Tabletop Crunches
9. Bicycle Crunches
* 30 second rest
10. Jump Rope
* 30 second rest
11. Bridge Pulses

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