How To Burn More Calories In Your Workout

Today I am going to help you learn how to train smarter. I am going to teach you how to burn more calories in your workout without doing too much extra work.

Total body workouts

Total body workouts, like this one, burn more calories because they activate more muscles. When you workout, your heart has to pump blood to the muscle group you are working. If you work multiple muscles, your heart has to work so much harder.

Rest less

If your main fitness goal is to build big muscles, then you should lift heavy weights and rest a lot. However, if your goal is calorie burn and fat loss, you don’t need to rest as much.

Try doing circuit training workouts, like my HIIT & Burn class. That type of workout keeps your body moving, your heart rate up, and your muscles challenged at the same time.

Keep moving during rest

You do need to rest some during your workouts, and when you do, keep moving. Walk around, jog in place or dance. More movement equals more calories burnt.

Fat burning exercises

Now let’s talk about exercise choice. Each exercise in your workout should engage as many muscles as possible. You could do a simple shoulder press, but if you did a swing to a shoulder press you’d burn more calories. Instead of doing a normal squat, do a squat to a lat pull down. Get the idea?

This workout is a great example of all of the things I’ve talked about today. The whole workout and each individual exercise engages the whole body. Plus I barely let you rest at all. Give it a try!

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