Misleading Hunger Symptoms

Do you ever feel hungry all day? No matter how much you eat, you don’t feel full? I’ve been there too! However, when that happens, a lot of the time, you are not actually hungry. Let’s talk about those misleading hunger symptoms.

If you feel hungry all the time, something is going on. It is not normal for you to always be hungry.

Before I get into the misleading hunger symptoms, I want you to take a look at your diet. If you constantly feel hungry, it is possible that your diet includes too many carbohydrates and not enough protein, fat and fiber. You need to eat filling foods to feel full.

Medicines, hormones, and certain illness can also leave you feeling constantly peckish. If you feel this is the case, speak with your doctor.

If you eat relatively well, aren’t on any medications, and your doctor has given you a clear bill of health, then it’s time to start questioning those “hunger” symptoms.

Headaches = Thirst

Hunger headaches are a thing, but they are not as common as thirst headaches. More often than not, if you have a headache you are dehydrated. So, when a headache comes along, reach for a water bottle, not the kitchen cupboard.

Cravings = Stressed or Thirst (again)

If you crave something, typically your body is asking for something else. Sugar cravings, for example happen when you are stressed. When is the last time you stress ate broccoli? Probably never. When you are stressed your body craves something comforting, which is usually carbohydrates. Try other stress-relieving activities like yoga or painting instead. If you have been craving salt, you might be dehydrated. So again, drink some water!

Low Energy = Bored or Tired

I am very guilty of grabbing a snack when I feel low on energy. However, most of the time I need sleep, not peanut butter. Feeling low on energy very rarely means you are hungry, but for some reason we all think food will fix the problem. Movement can give you an energy buzz instead. If you are feeling lazy, trying doing a short workout, like this one.

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