20-Minute Upper Body Workout

Happy Tuesday! It is time for another new MFit workout video! Today I have a 20-minute upper body workout to share with you. This workout can easily be done at home, so no excuses!

I am actually really excited to share this workout with you because it left me super sore. The exercises in this routine may look easy, but they are not. Within the first few minutes of this video you will be feeling your muscles.

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Now, let’s get into today’s workout. Grab some light dumbbells, water bottles, or cans of food for this one!

Follow along with the 20-minute upper body workout below!

Warm-up exercises:
– Arm Swings
– Tap & Reach
– Walk Down to Down Dog

Do 1 set of the following:
Curl to Tricep Push (20)
Tricep Push, pinky then palm (20-20)
Alternating Leaning Extension (20)
Diamond to Reach (20)
Circle Tricep (20)
Flipped Front Raise (20)
Skull Crusher Curl (30)
Windshield (30)
Parallel Pulses (40)
Baby Push-up (30)
Walk Down to Baby Push-up (4 rounds)

Do 2 sets of the following:
Conductor (15)
“Energy Ball” (20)
Back & Reach (15)

Do 1 set of the following:
Reverse Fly (20)

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