Non-Stop Booty Workout

Welcome back to Day 19 of the #25DaysofMFit. Today we are doing a non-stop booty workout. This is going to be 15-minutes of sweet, sweet booty burn.

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Recently, I don’t have the attention span for long workouts. Workouts like the one below have been better for me. I like a non-stop workout packed with exercises that burn out the muscles. And that is what we will be doing today.

I have been doing this specific booty workout, or some variation of it quite often this year. It is crazy how quickly these exercises exhaust the booty muscles!

If you want more quick workouts like this one, check out my 2-Week Mini Band Cardio Plan!

By the way, you don’t need any equipment for this workout. So no excuses. Let’s get into it!

Follow along with the non-stop booty workout below!

Do 1 set of each exercise. Do no rest, ever:
Heels Under Hips Pulse (30 reps)
Right Heel Lifted, Pulse (20 reps)
Balance > Reach Right Leg Back
Lunge Deadlift, Left (20 reps)
Low Lunge Rock, Left (10 reps)
Standing Donkey Kick, Left (15 reps)
Side Squat, Left (15 reps)
Side to Side Squat (10 reps)
Heels Under Hips Pulse (30 reps)
Left Heel Lifted, Pulse (20 reps)
Balance > Reach Left Leg Back
Lunge Deadlift, Right (20 reps)
Low Lunge Rock, Right (10 reps)
Standing Donkey Kicks, Right (15 reps)
Side Squat, Right (15 reps)
Plank (20 seconds)
Wide Lunge (right & left)
Donkey Kicks, Up/Out (right & left)

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