Mini Band Biceps & Triceps

Welcome back to Day 20 of the #25DaysofMFit. Today we are doing a mini band biceps & triceps workout. Get ready to feel those arms burn!

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You all know I love to find new and creative ways to use mini resistance bands. Today I have tons of bicep and tricep exercises to share with you.

Some of these exercises are featured in my 2-Week Mini Band Sculpt Plan. So, if you want more mini band workouts, you should definitely check out the 14-day home workout plan.

This is actually one of my most requested mini band workouts on YouTube. I know you will love it! It certainly left me sore. I recommend using an extra light mini band for this workout. Most of the exercises are much harder than they look. A light band will feel heavy after all the reps!

Follow along with the mini band biceps & triceps workout!

Some of the exercises in this workout are a little difficult to explain, so I recommend following along with the video. However, if you prefer, here is the written workout…

Do 1 set of each exercise:
Hammer Curl (30)
Hammer Abduction (20)
Bicep Curl (30)
Bicep Abduction (20)
Tiny Tricep Extension (40)
Tricep Push (20)
Bicep Curl, Slow (15)
Curl to Abduction (15)
Handcuff Tricep Push (30)
Handcuff Tricep Extension (20)
Repeat Handcuff exercises
Bicep Curl to “Serve” (20)

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