No Jumping Cardio Workout

Happy MFit Tuesday! Today I decided to create a fat-burning workout for those of you who hate jumping. This no jumping cardio workout will get your heart pumping without putting too much pressure on your joints!

YouTube is flooded with high impact cardio workouts, and those workouts are great… But they aren’t suitable for everyone. This steady state cardio workout is a great cardio option for ALL fitness levels.

Don’t get me wrong, this workout is tough. However, the exercises are easy to follow realistic for all bodies. Recently, jumping has not agreed with my joints or my downstairs neighbors. Workouts like the one below, are now a staple in my fitness routine.

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no jumping cardio workout

Try the no jumping cardio workout below!

Do each exercise for 45-seconds:
Step + Arms Push Back
Step + Shoulder Press
Tap + Reach
Double Arm Reach, right
Tap + Reach
Double Arm Reach, left
Forward/Backward Step (add arms)
X Reach
Squat to Arm Circle
Knee to Armpit
Punch + Squat
Step + Speed Bag
Overhead March
Calf Raise with arms
Breath and Reach

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