Standing Abs Workout Video

Looking for a workout that will tighten and tone your abs without involving any crunches? This standing abs workout video will do just that!

This has been a highly requested workout video on the MFit YouTube Channel. I know there are a lot of you out there who either can’t or do not enjoy doing core movements, like crunches, on your back. If that sounds like you, do this standing abs workout video! All of the moves in this workout will get you to twist, crunch, and work those abs without lying on the floor.

I included a lot of fun exercises in this video, but I have even more moves to share. So, let me know if you want to see a part two!

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Let’s workout!

Do the following 2x:
Reach Over + Tap (20 reps)
Reach Across + Tap (20 reps)

Do the following 1x:
Knee Pulls (20 reps)
Right Leg, small to big pulls (30 reps)
Knee Pulls (20 reps)
Left Leg, small to big pulls (30 reps)
Sumo Squat Side Reach (16 reps)

Do the following 2x each side:
Big Knee Twist (15 reps)
Pulse Heel to Shoulder (10 reps)

Do the following 1x:
Long Walk Downs (8 reps)

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