10-Minute At Home Workout Video

Happy New Year’s Eve! I cannot believe it is the last day of 2019. Where did this year go? I have enjoyed sharing all of my at home workout videos and health advice with you this year.

I couldn’t let the year end without giving you one more killer workout. This 10-minute at home workout video is perfect for those busy days when you want to workout but are short on time. Perfect for a day like today. Do this workout before you head out to ring in the new year!

at home workout video

This workout is fast-paced and may be too advanced for some of you. If you are looking for slower workouts that you can do at home – try my new 8-Week Beginner’s Plan.

If your 2020 resolution is to get in shape. The Beginner’s Program is a great place to start if you are either: new to fitness, getting back into exercise, just had a baby, or looking for slower workouts that will teach you proper exercise form. Each workout in the plan is roughly 30-minutes and can be done with very minimal equipment. And, of course, each workout video can be done at home.

Whatever your New Year fitness goals are, I am certain one of my home workout plans will help you reach them. My fitness programs cover all bases. On this website, I offer everything from the new Beginner’s plan to the very intense 4-Week Flat Abs Plan¬†and everything in between. There is something for everyone. Check out what MFit has to offer, and feel free to contact me with any questions!

Now let’s get into the last workout of 2019.

Try the workout below:

Do 1 set of each exercise. Try not to rest AT ALL between exercises.

Walk Down to Down Dog (5 reps)
Walk Down to Down Dog into Push-up (5 reps)
Overhead Back Lunge (10 reps each)
Side Lunge Front Kick (10 reps each)
Squat & Press (15 reps)
Bent Over Row (15 reps)
Weighted Alternating Side Plank (10 reps)
Bridge Pulse with Skull Crusher (15 reps)

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