30 Day Ab Challenge

Congratulations if you completed the Bikini Bootcamp Challenge. Over the past two months, we have been doing lots of total body, fat burning workouts. I thought it was time to switch things up. Today is Day 1 of a new challenge. The 30 Day Ab Challenge.

That’s right, one challenge ends and we start another! This challenge is all about the abs. Here is how the 30 Day Ab Challenge will work. I have created an exercise calendar for the month of July. Each day this month, we are going to do 100 reps of the assigned core exercise. Check out the video below to do Day 1, 100 crunches, with me.

You can sign up for this FREE challenge by clicking HERE. If you already have a MFit username and password, you can start the challenge by clicking HERE.

I will be doing the challenge right along with you on my Instagram this month. So, make sure you are following @itsmollyrae to see me struggle through this challenge.

If you are looking for even more core work, purchase the 4-Week Flat Abs Plan. That 28-day plan will re-shape your midsection. The plan comes with 17 exclusive workout videos, a 28-day workout schedule, and access to the MFit virtual gym.

Now, let’s get to the first day of our new challenge…

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