Top 5 Ab Wheel Exercises

If you like to workout at home, there is a strong chance you own an ab wheel. If you were into home exercise in the 90’s and early 2000’s, you probably have an ab wheel hiding in your basement or storage area. Go find it, because today I am going to show you my favorite ab wheel exercises!

This used to be a really popular piece of workout equipment. Now, it is not talked about much. But this tool can still be extremely helpful in building strong core muscles.

I have posted a lot of core workouts on this blog in the past, but today I wanted to switch it up and introduce a new way to train the abs. A lot of the exercises in the video below are pilates inspired. You can do all of these exercises with a pilates reformer. But, pilates classes can be expensive. Hopefully today’s workout will give you an affordable way to do these exercises at home.

If you do not have an ab wheel, you can do all of these exercises with sliders, paper plates, or towels. If you want to get the ab wheel that I am using in this video, you can purchase that here.

The workout below will help you build strong core muscles. If you want even more core building routines, check out the 4-Week Flat Abs Plan. That 28-day home workout plan will shape your abs in a variety of different ways!

My top 5 ab wheel exercises are:

1. Plank
2. Kneeling Roll Out
3. Oblique Roll Out
4. Tabletop Crawl
5. Full Plank Roll Out

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