Bikini Bootcamp Abs Workout

Welcome to Bikini Bootcamp 2016! This workout series will help you burn fat, build muscle, and get your body in shape for bikini season.

We are kicking things off with an ab workout. But this is more than just your standard ab video… today we are combining fat-burning HIIT cardio with a core strengthening circuit to help you get your midsection in bikini shape. This workout will help you shed off that extra layer of fat over your stomach and help your abs pop!

Cardio Exercises:
1. Side Shuffle Kicks x16
2. Standing Crunches (Right) x20
3. Jumping Lunges x10e
4. Standing Crunches (Left) x20
5. Double push-up burpees x8
6. Surfers x10e
7. Yoga Climbers x20

Take modifications if you need to! This workout is meant to help you, not hurt you!

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