Benefits of Kickboxing

Growing up, I always remember doing Tae Bo workouts with my mom. I always thought they were so fun, and I felt pretty badass while doing all of the moves. As I’ve gotten older, I still love a good kickboxing workout, and I’m not alone. Kickboxing is a popular fitness regime for a good reason. There are many health benefits to boxing and kickboxing style workouts. Here are just a few great of the things about kickboxing!

Burn fat, fast!

You are constantly moving in a boxing or kickboxing class so you will certainly get to that fat burning zone. The movements you will be performing during a boxing session are very dynamic and use a lot of energy, which is exactly what you need to melt off that fat. Add in jump rope and conditioning drills before or after you start and you could burn up to 800 calories in just an hour. You could burn even more calories when boxing with pads as opposed to air boxing.

Tone your entire body

Boxing is one of the best ways to tone your upper body and core. Throwing punches, hitting a bag, and sparing with a partner will force your upper body to work very hard. The twisting movement will really whittle your waist down and strengthen your oblique’s. Kickboxing obviously incorporates more lower body movements as well like knees and different kicks that will surely tone up your lower half.

Learn self-defense

It goes without saying that in addition to an awesome workout, kickboxing will also teach you valuable self-defense techniques. You will leave stronger and more able to defending yourself if you ever find yourself in a bad situation. The confidence and strength you will leave a kickboxing class in is invaluable.

Stress relief

Kickboxing offers a healthy way to relieve some of the day’s stress. It certainly beats the alternative of getting into an actual physical altercation and potentially hurting yourself. I personally love boxing because it helps me blow off steam.

Improve balance and agility

Kickboxing requires quick reflexes; it’s not as simple as throwing a few punches.   Classes will include lots of direction changes and you need to be quick on your feet.

Low-impact cardio

Kickboxing is great ways to get cardio in if you find yourself in a situation where running and jumping are not viable options. For my clients with knee problems, I give them cardio through boxing!

Time saving workout

Kickboxing combines all the important aspects of exercise in one routine: cardio, strength building, flexibility, endurance, balance, and agility. It’s a total body workout so you don’t need to add anything else to it, and that is a big time saver!



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  1. I thought the article made some good points about how kick boxing can be beneficial. In addition to self-defense, it seems like a great way to workout. I have a couple of really active kids that I think could really benefit from kickboxing classes to get their energy out while also learning self-defense at the same time.

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