Inner & Outer Thigh Workout

Besides the stomach … one of the biggest trouble areas for individuals are the thighs. So many people complain about the excess weight around their inner and outer thighs. So, today I have 8 exercises that focus on both the inner and outer part of your legs. Pair this workout with cardio and resistance training with heavier weights (squats with barbells…) and your lower body will look like you always wanted it to.

The exercises in the video are also great for building up the muscles surrounding the knees to keep them safe in more dynamic exercises like lunges and jumping — use this workout as a part of strength-building and rehab for any knee aches and pains you might have — Always consult a doctor before starting an exercise routine, especially if you have a history of injuries.**

Inner Thigh Exercises:

Curtsy Lunges + Cross Over Inner Thigh Pulses + L Pulses + Chair Pulses

Out Thigh Exercises:

Squat Walk + Standing Abduction + Clam Shell + Elevated Clam Shell

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