3 Exercises You Might Be Doing Wrong

As a trainer, I walk into the gym and want to help everyone I see doing exercises incorrectly. Training your body with incorrect form can put you at a HUGE risk for injury. A lot of exercise beginners complain about their ankles, knees, and low back hurting, and a lot of people put that on adjusting to a new exercise. That is partly true – when you start working out it is common to feel some pain because your body is getting accustomed to this new type of physical activity.  But a larger cause of the pain is coming from doing different exercises the wrong way.  Since I can’t help everyone – I thought I would make a few videos walking through the top three exercises I see people doing wrong, which are also three exercises that could seriously injure you when done incorrectly.  Watch all three, watch just one.  It’s important to be safe while you are working out.




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