Quick & Effective Inner Thigh Workout

When I tell you this is a quick & effective inner thigh workout, I am not kidding. In just 10-minutes your inner thighs will feel the burn.

I will admit, I am not great at remembering to work my inner thighs. When it comes to leg day, I like to focus on the booty and hamstrings. And I don’t think I am alone.

However, we cannot forget to train this important muscle group! For the last month, I have been finding new ways to work the inner thigh. I am excited to share with you some of my creations today!

We will focus on two main things today – rotating the inner thighs back and squeezing them together. Doing these two things will not only strengthen your inner thighs, but give shape to them as well!

As you move through this workout, you should feel your inner thighs instantly. If you do not, pause, and listen to my form tips. Remember, if you are not feeling the muscle, you are likely not working it. So feel the burn and love that burn.

You need one pillow for this workout. So grab your pillow and let’s get started!

Follow along with the quick & effective inner thigh workout!

Here are the exercises we will be doing in the video:
1. Sumo Squat Half Reps
2. Sumo Squat Push Back
3. Calf Raises with Inner Thigh Pillow Squeeze
4. Sumo Squat Reach Thru
5. Sumo Squat Pulsing Reach Thru
6. Turned Out Calf Raise with Inner Thigh Pillow Squeeze
7. Sumo Squat Single Arm Pulsing Reach Thru

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