Low Impact, High Intensity Workout

Welcome back to Day 16 of the #25DaysofMFit. Today we are doing a low impact high intensity workout. That means, no jumping but all the same burn as HIIT.

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For today’s HIIT workout, we will be doing intervals of 30 seconds on followed by 10 seconds of rest. I will take you through lots of low impact exercises, and by the end of the routine you’ll feel sweaty and strong. Sound good?

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Let’s get into the workout! Whenever you do low impact workouts, you need to move as big as possible. Try to take up as much space as you can while you go through this workout. Reach your arms long, travel, and think big!

Follow along with the low impact high intensity workout below!

Do each exercise for 30-seconds on, followed by 10-seconds of rest:

2 sets:
Tap & Reach (2nd set both arms)
Big Step Forward & Back (2nd set add row)

2 sets:
X Reaches
Tiny Knee Pull

2 sets:
Kick Step Lunge (R/L/R/L)

1 set:
Breath Arms
Oblique Reach

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