The Best No Equipment Arm Workout

Welcome back to Day 14 of the #25DaysofMFit. You have made it to week two of this holiday workout challenge. If you are new here, I’ve been posting workouts everyday for the past 13 days. If you want to join in on the #25DaysofMFit fun, click here to sign up for the free challenge! Today we are doing the best no equipment arm workout.

In 2020, I have gotten creative with my no equipment workouts. I’ve really been experimenting with different ways to make the upper body burn without equipment. The workout below proves you don’t need much to make your muscles burn.

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Back to today’s workout. Like I said before, you do not need any equipment. Literally just press play and start moving with me!

Follow along with the best no equipment arm workout!

Do 1 set of each exercise:
Sweep Arms Up/Down (3)
Big Arm Circle (3)
Elbow Push (30)
High/Low Elbow Push (30)
Elbow Push (30)
Raise Roof (20)
Chest Push (20)
Push Back (20)
Pulse Back (20)
Palms Flip (20)

REST 20-seconds

Do 1 set of each exercise:
Windshield (20)
Parallel Pulse (30)
Windshield (20)
Field Goal Rotation (20)
Lat Squeeze (20)
Lat Squeeze to Tabletop (10)
W Pulse (20)
Upright Tricep Pulse (30)
Behind Back, Lateral Tricep (30)
Diamond Pulses (30)
Circle Tricep (30)

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