Quick & Energizing Home HIIT Workout

The hardest part about working out is starting the workout. Fitness is my passion, but even I have days where I feel glued to the couch and too drained to exercise. On days like that, I do a workout like this one. Something short, effective and energizing. If you are struggling to peel your head off your pillow, get up and do this quick home HIIT workout with me. I promise you will feel 10x better once you do.

Today’s quick home HIIT workout is perfect for those lazy days. It is only 8-minutes and it will leave you feeling energized! This quick burst of energy will clear your head and get those endorphins running around your body.

quick home HIIT workout

You do not need any equipment for this cardio workout and you can easily do it at home. In fact, all of my workouts can be done at home! If you like this quick workout, you should try the NEW 2-Week Mini Band CARDIO Plan. The workouts in that plan will help boost your mood and help your burn body fat while shaping your muscles! Purchase the plan and start your 2-week challenge now!

Now… let’s get into the HIIT workout! The goal is to keep moving!

Try the workout –

Do 1 set of the following circuit:
March x2 + Butt Kick x2 (10)
Ski Feet (20)
Squat to Knee (12)
High Knees x2 + Jogging Butt Kick (10)

Do 2 sets of the following circuit:
Double Hop Squat (10)
Low Lunge Knee Pull (15)
Mountain Climbers (16)
Plank Jack (15)

Do 1 set of the following:
Start Jumps (20)

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