No Equipment Upper Body Workout

No gym? No problem! Do this no equipment upper body workout today! This routine will shape your arms using just your bodyweight.

I have posted several no equipment workouts in the past. However, today’s routine is filled with lots of new exercises! These new movements will strengthen and shape every part of your upper body!

no equipment upper body

This 10-minute routine can also help improve your posture! The exercises will strengthen your core, back and shoulders, all muscles that control your posture.

Hopefully this workout will prove to you the bodyweight exercise can be extremely effective when training the upper body. Who said you need fancy equipment to shape your body?

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Try the no equipment upper body workout below!

Do one set of each exercise:

1. Arm Circles (40 forward, 40 backward)
2. Lat Pull Down (20 reps)
3. Wide Row (30 reps)
4. Walk Down (10 reps)
5. Plank (30 seconds)
6. Elbow Pulses (40 reps)
7. Walk Down Chaturanga (8 reps)
8. Cobra Push-ups (20 reps)
9. Superman (10 reps)

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