Workout To Tighten Arms

Do you want strong arms without any flab? Try this workout to tighten arms! It only takes 10-minutes, but you will feel the burn!

Lately, I’ve been enjoying short workouts. I can’t seem to stay focused for more than 15-minutes at a time. So, I like to do several short MFit workouts throughout the day. If you can relate, I think you’ll like this routine.

This routine is short, but it is intense! The exercises in the workout below will shape your entire upper body. We are hitting all the arm muscles today!

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You will need some light dumbbells for today’s workout. I will only be using 2lb weights for this routine. You don’t want anything too heavy for this one. If you do not have weights, feel free to purchase some on my MFit Amazon store or use water bottles instead!

Try the workout to tighten arms below:

Do one set of the exercises below. No rest!

Conductor (15 reps)
T Curl (20 reps)
T Curl to Lateral Tricep Extension (15 reps)
Lateral Tricep Extension (15 reps)
T Arms to Reach (20 reps)
Flipped Front Raise (15 reps)
Windshield to Pulse Series (8 reps, 2 rounds)
Double V (15 reps)
Reverse Fly (20 reps)

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