Fat Burning Dumbbell Workout

If you have been doing my workouts for a while, you know I love low impact cardio. I don’t believe you should have to jump around to burn body fat! So, today I am taking you through a fat burning dumbbell workout that is completely low impact!

This is a fast paced workout, which means I will have to explain exercise form while we are moving. If you ever get confused about form, stop moving and just listen to my tips! You can always rewind and do the movement with me once you are clearer on the instructions.

All of the exercises in today’s video play with tempo and power. Most exercises will have a slow part, a pause, and a powerful moment. Having to do those three things will be exhausting for your muscles, which is exactly why I am making you do them!

If you want to see more low impact cardio workouts, make sure you let me know in the YouTube comments! And if you want some personalized health and fitness advice, please send me a message!

Without further ado, let’s get to the workout. I’ll be using 10lb weights during this routine. You can use whatever weights you got around the house. If you don’t have dumbbells at home, use soup cans!

Follow along with the fat burning dumbbell workout!

Here are the exercises we will be doing the video:
1. Dumbbell Swing
2. Dumbbell Swing to Shoulder Press
3. Push Press
4. Push Press to March
5. Tempo Squat
6. Tempo Squat to Back Squat

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