Cardio for Bad Knees

Welcome to Day 3 of the #25DaysofMFit! If you’re new here, this is my annual holiday workout challenge. For this challenge, I will be posting a new workout video everyday for the next 25 days. These workouts will only be 15-minutes long. So, if you are busy or just don’t want to spend a lot of time working out, this challenge is for you! Today we are doing a cardio for bad knees workout.

If you experience joint pain or simply don’t like jumping, save this workout! This low impact cardio routine is just what you need.

how to workout with bad knees

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of low impact cardio. In fact, I’m almost completely eliminated jumping exercises from my workouts. I’ve challenged myself to find ways to make low impact exercise, highly challenging.

If you are interested in more low impact cardio workouts, check out my 2-Week Mini Band Cardio Plan. That home workout plan perfectly blends mini band resistance training with low impact cardio! Check it out!

Make sure you tune in tomorrow for Day 4 of the #25DaysofMFit. Or, if you don’t feel like waiting, click here to get early access to the remaining workout videos!

Follow along with the cardio for bad knees workout!

Do 1-minute of each exercise:
1. Tap & Reach
2. Tap & Reach Both Arms
3. Big Step
4. Step + Arms
5. Feet Out/In + Jack Arms
6. Butt Kick + Arms Up
7. Side Shuffle Reach
8. Punches > High/Low
9. Wide March
10. Alternating Step + Row

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