Feel Good Warm-up Routine

The most important part of a workout is the beginning. Do this feel good warm-up routine before each of your MFit videos this week and you will feel the difference in your workout!

A good warm-up needs to have a blend of active stretches and cardio. This warm-up has both of those things. The 8-minute routine may feel challenging to some of you, but that’s actually a good thing! A warm-up should not feel easy if you want it to truly be effective.

I’ve personally been doing this warm-up routine before all of my workouts the past two months. So trust me when I say, it works.

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feel good warm-up routine

Try the feel good warm-up routine:

Arm Swings + Step Touch
Tap & Reach
Cross Body Reach
Double Arm Reach
Arm Circle + Step Touch
Cross Foot Reach
Side Lunge Reaches
Shoulder Roll + Step Touch
X Reaches
Opposite Heel Tap
Row & Butt Kick
Straight Arms & Legs
Hip Opener with Arm Circle

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