Total Body Mini Band Workout

If you are an at-home exerciser… I highly recommend picking up some of these mini resistance bands. They are inexpensive, easy to store, easy to travel with, and will make your workouts much more intense.

Today we are you using the resistance bands for a total body workout. These exercises will engage your muscles in completely different weights than you are used to using dumbbells. So get ready to be sore!

Follow along with the video or print the workout below:

Move through each of the exercises as listed:

1. Banded squat (15 reps)
2. Banded squat with banded tension bicep curls (15 reps)
3. Overhead banded squat with outer pulse (15 reps)
4. Banded squat with combo curl to press (10 reps)
5. Banded side shuffles (30 seconds)
6. Banded side lunges (15 reps each side)
7. Wide banded backwards squat walk into long jump (10 reps)
8. Banded plank jacks (20 reps)
9. Banded half burpee (15 reps)
10. Lying lateral raises with band (20 reps each side)
11. Plank walks with bands on legs and arms (10 reps)
12. Clam shell with band (20 reps each side)
13. Banded fire hydrant (20 reps each side)
14. Double leg drops with bands around ankles and above knee (10 reps)
15. Add outer pulse to leg drops (10 reps)

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