45-Minute At Home Workout For Weight Loss #MFitResolutions

For the month of January I want to focus my content on helping you start 2017 strong.  I want you to get started on your resolutions right away! Often times people make resolutions and never get to them. But this year, if your resolutions relates to exercise, diet, or overall health – I got you covered. Be sure to follow this blog for lots of post relating to all health/fitness resolutions.

For today, I have a full-length workout video perfect for those looking to lose weight in 2017. There are four parts to this workout: moderate intensity cardio, high intensity cardio, circuit training and core training. If weight loss is something you hope to achieve, this combination will help see a lower number on the scale. This workout will help you you burn fat and build muscle in different ways. It will keep your body confused, which will keep it working hard.

Variety is such an important factor to weight loss. Many people get discouraged when they stop seeing results from a program, but that doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong or that you should give up. A plateau just means your body is used to what you are doing so you need to switch it up. This workout will give you the variety you need to avoid a plateau.

For more advice on weight loss, be sure to check back in tomorrow for a full list of weight loss tips!

For now, try the video or follow the written workout below!

Part 1: 50 seconds on – 10 seconds off (9-minutes)

* Do each exercise for 50-seconds, then rest for 10-seconds, and repeat!

1. Body weight squat
2. Walk down
3. Knee pull
4. Squat and reach
5. Push-up
6. Four knee pulls into one squat
7. Squat jump
8. Burpee
9. Four high knees into one squat

Part 2: Tabata, 20 seconds on – 10 seconds off (4-minutes)

* Do the following exercises in this pattern, 1-1-2-2-1-1-2-2

1. Side shuffle reach
2. Rainbows

Part 3: Do 3 sets of the following circuit (with or without weights)

1. Plie squat around the world (10 reps)
2. Three bent over rows into one push-up (6 reps)
3. Squat and press (10 reps)
4. Upright row into front raise (10 reps)
5. Elevated donkey kicks (10 reps each leg)
6. Commando planks (10 reps)

Part 4: Do 15 reps of each exercise

1. Double leg drops
2. Double leg drop into double knee pull
3. Double leg drop and double knee pull into flutter kicks
4. Single leg crunches
5. Plank (1-minute)

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