Fat Burning Stair Workout

Too often I hear the excuse, I can’t workout because I don’t have fancy gym equipment. Well, guess what? You don’t need anything fancy to get a killer workout! One of my favorite ways to train outdoors or at home is with a staircase. Try this workout today and see what you think! My stair workout will help you BURN FAT and BUILD MUSCLE and LIFT THE BOOTY.  But I will warn you, it is going to be hard work. So get ready to sweat!

Repeat this workout 2-4 times. The stronger you get, the more rounds you can do. Try to finish the workout as quickly as possible! Let yourself rest when you need to, but then get back into it and kick butt!

Run up and down stairs – 5x

Plank with feet on the bottom step – 1 minute

Run up and down stairs, skipping a step – 5x

Push-ups with feet on the bottom step – 10 reps

Up-up-down-down with the bottom step – 50x

Bulgarian lunges (back foot on first step) – 10 reps each leg

Run up and down stairs – 5x

Side walk with a kick up the stairs * – 2x each side

* Left foot closest to stair: cross right leg over left, stepping onto the first step, step left foot up               on the second step and kick the right leg out to the side, cross right over left…


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