No Equipment Arm Burnout

If you are looking for a good arm workout, check out this video. This no equipment arm burnout will seriously make your muscles shake.

It has been a whole year since the world went into lockdown, and I am still working out at home! Honestly, I don’t even miss the gym. Working out at home is just as effective as gym workouts, and you don’t have to worry about other people affecting your routine.

While I do have bands and weights at home, I enjoy doing equipment free workouts! Today I have some really fun, and super effective no equipment arm exercises to share with you.

This workout will train your entire upper body: shoulders, triceps, back and chest!

I want you to feel your muscles contracting, rotating and working hard on every single rep. At first glance these exercises may look easy, but your muscles should quickly feel the burn.

This entire workout is just 10-minutes. You can do this video alone for a quick arm burnout or follow along during a longer workout. I personally love doing this routine after completing a cardio workout.

If you enjoy this workout video, please let me know in the YouTube comments! And if you want to see more equipment free workouts, let me know that too!

Follow along with the no equipment arm burnout:

I typically write out the list of exercises, but I really don’t have names for a majority of these movements. Leave your name suggestions in the YouTube comments, so I can provide written instructions in the future!

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