Neck Stretch Routine

If you suffer from neck pain, migraines or just want to improve your posture – try this neck stretch routine! You won’t be sorry you did!

I have posted several neck stretch videos before, and I will keep posting them as I think of new stretches. It is so important to take the time to stretch out your neck, chest, shoulders and back every single day.

Life puts a lot of stress on the neck. Whether you’re hunched over a desk, sleeping in a weird position, or moving around with poor posture, your neck will feel it.

I experience neck pain quite often. Ever since I hit my head and got a concussion a couple years ago, my neck has been messed up! So, I know it is not fun. The stretches in the routine below are the exact stretches I try to everyday. These stretches will release tension in the sides and back of the neck as well as the shoulders.

This is an easy video to follow along with, so no excuses. Do this routine as often as you can!

Below I have listed the stretches that are in the video. However, I highly encourage you to follow along with the video as I had a difficult time naming some of the stretches!

Try the neck stretch routine below.

Do each stretch for about 30-seconds:
1. Look right to left
2. Look to right & left armpit
3. Roll head
4. Lean and look to armpit
5. Chin to chest into chest opener
6. Side stretch/pull

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