Toned Legs Home Workout #MFitBikiniBootcamp

Welcome back to Bikini Bootcamp! Today I have an ass-kicking workout to share with you, literally. This toned legs home workout will challenge your leg and booty muscles.

I’ve included some new exercises that have helped me keep my legs in shape during the pandemic. These exercises require very little equipment and space, but they are still so effective.

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Try the toned legs home workout below!


Do the following circuit 1x on each leg:
Alternating Lunges (20)
Single Leg Lunge (12)
Rocking Lunge to Oil Rig (12)
Oil Rig / Lunge Pulse (15)
Side Leg Lift (15)
Curtsy Lunge (10 fast, 4 slow)
Curtsy Abduction (15)

Do the following superset 2x:
Squat Jack (15)
Quick Feet Squat (10)

Do the following 1x:
Stagger Squat Jack (15)

Do the following circuit 1x on each leg:
Side Lunge (10)
Pulsing Side Lunge (15)
Low Side to Side Lunges (20)
Side Lunge Inner Tap (10)

Do the following superset 2x:
Sumo Squat (15)
Calf Raise (20)

Do the following superset 2x:
Banded Side to Side Steps (30)
Wall Sit Abduction (30)

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