30-Minute Boot Camp Flow Workout

I’m very excited to share today’s boot camp flow workout with you! I’ve been making workout videos for years. I have seen what my MFit family likes and dislikes. I believe this new type of workout brings together the best of it all.

This type of workout is called “bootcamp flow.” It includes many of the creative bootcamp exercises I’ve created in the past. Each exercise will help you burn fat and build muscle. What makes this workout different than my previous videos is that each exercise is connected so it feels a bit like a yoga flow.  Boot camp and yoga are two of my passions, so I am eager to share with you how I have merged the two.

Follow along with the boot camp flow workout.

Complete each exercises with little to no rest: 10-20 reps each exercise

1. Walk Down
2. Walk Down Curl To Press
3. Curl To Press
4. Bicep Curl
5. Alternating Back Lunge
6. Quick Back Lunge
7. Sumo Squat & Press
8. Sumo Squat Pulses
9. Bent Over Row
10. Bent Over Row x3 – Push-up x1
11. Side Squat (Right)
12. Squat
13. Single Leg Side Leg Lift (Right)
14. Rear Delt Fly
15. Side Squat (Left)
16. Squat
17. Single Leg Side Leg Lift (Left)
18. Airplane Fly
19. Airplane Fly To High Row
20. Plank
21. Cobra Push-up
22. Kneeling Single Arm Arnold Press (Right & Left)
23. Kneeling Overhead Tricep Extention
24. Single Leg Bridge (Right)
25. Single Leg Bridge Leg Drop (Right)
26. Bridge Pulses
27. Single Leg Bridge (Left)
28. Single Leg Bridge Leg Drop (Left)
29. Knee Pulls
30. Small Knee Pulls

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