How To Get An Hour Glass Figure

Hey guys! I am posting something new today… a gym workout! Let me know what you think of the gym footage in the video below! If it is something that interests you, let me know, and I will post more!

Let’s talk about the title of this workout. Is it really possible to change your body type through exercise? Yes, it is! To an extent. Many women (and men) dream about having an hour glass figure: waist smaller than the butt and shoulders. However, many of those same people do not know how to achieve such a look, or they think it is impossible to get.

One thing you cannot do is change¬†your bone structure. Your waist can only be so small because of your rib cage, and all of the other bones in there! Some of us were not blessed with the ability to get with a tiny waist. You can work your mid-section and get your core muscles as tight as possible. But if you are struggling to get your waist as small as you want it, it may be because it can’t get any smaller. If that’s the case, it’s time to implement this workout.

If you want to make your waist look smaller, you need to build up your upper back and shoulders. It is 100% possible to grow the muscles in your back to make your shoulders look more broad. It is also possible to grow your glutes. An hour glass figure is just a waist smaller than your top and bottom half. So if you work to grow the muscles in your butt, back and shoulders you can achieve that hour glass figure!!

In today’s workout, you will see me do several back movements, several shoulder movements, a couple exercises for the butt and hamstrings, and an ab burnout.

Recently, I have been doing a workout like this weekly. I do my deadlifts, shoulders and back on “hour glass day.”

Remember, when you are trying to GROW a muscle. You need workout and eat in a way that promotes growth. I do the exercises in this video weekly and increase the volume each week. Increasing the volume of an exercise can mean increasing the weight, doing more reps, or adding an extra set. You need to continue to get stronger to grow those muscles. You also need to work every angle of a muscle. In this workout, I do two different shoulder presses. The reason for that is to work multiple parts of my shoulder. Rest time is also important when it comes to growth. You typically need to rest a little more when you are putting on size. In this workout, I do incorporate some plyometrics and cardio because that will help shed some of the fat hiding your muscles. If you want to spend some time focusing soley on growth, you can eliminate some of the cardio.

There are lots and lots of exercises you can do to work the muscles I have mentioned, but here are few ideas…

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