9 Healthy Turkey Day Activities To Do With Family and Friends

I’m sure every health article you’ve read this week has discussed food, food, and more food. You have probably read all about what to eat on Thanksgiving, what to avoid eating, how much of all of those things to eat, and different recipes. We get it; food is a big topic of discussion when Thanksgiving is concerned. But, today I want to discuss something other than food…

Let’s talk about exercise!

Thanksgiving (in America) is tomorrow, and most people are planning there’s day around eating. But Thanksgiving isn’t just about food! It should be about family and friends and giving thanks for all things in your life. Food is just something that happens to be apart of the day as well. Your Thanksgiving meal shouldn’t be the only thing that happens tomorrow.

Today I want to share with you what else you can do with your loved ones on Thanksgiving… no eating involved. This is my list of healthy activities you can take part in on this wonderful holiday.

Do a “Turkey Trot” run or walk

Get a group together and sign-up for a race. As an added bonus, the raised funs from the race typically go to a good cause. Look for a Turkey Trot in your area… I’m sure there’s a couple near you.

Outdoors yard games

Botchee ball, corn hole, and lawn dice are a few of my favorites. These are easy games that don’t take too much energy, but will get you off the couch. 

Kickball or Tag

This if fun for the kids and will make the adults feel nostalgic.

Touch Football

It may be tough to pry your family off the couch. But, if you can, try to step away from the games on TV and start your own game of touch football at the park on in your backyard.

Family workout

Get the whole gang together and workout! Getting healthy together is a great family bonding activity! Stuck on what to do? Try one of my MFit workouts!

Friendly competition

Make the most of sibling rivalry by competing in a game of horse, seeing who can do the most push-ups or hold plank the longest. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a male-dominated house, but my family gatherings always end up having a competition or two involved. 

Family hike

If you live near a good hiking spot, get the family together and celebrate Thanksgiving in nature. If you don’t live in a hilly area, just go for a walk in the park!

Scavenger Hunt

Easter is known for the Easter egg hunt and Christmas involves a lot of hunting for presents. Make your own fall-themed scavenger hunt for the family like a mini pumpkin scavenger hunt!

Shop ‘til you drop

When all else fails, Black Friday shopping is a great way to burn off some of those Turkey Day calories.

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