Saying Yes

Every now and then I like to post a little pep talk to all of you – and that is precisely what is happening today!

As of recent I’ve tried to say yes to new experiences. I get comfortable doing the things I always do and seeing the people I always see. But, sometimes life changes and you’re forced to meet new people and try new things with those new people. That’s been my situation the past couple of months, and it has helped me get out of my comfort zone.

I’ve been taking boxing classes, learning to salsa dance, going out with new friends and meeting their friends. Some of these things I never would have done. Socializing with new people… umm I’ll stay at home and watch my favorite movie for the hundredth time instead. This used to be me most of the time. Occasionally I get anxious in new situations, so I tend to avoid them. I get even more anxious being in new situations without someone I trust around. That’s my biggest problem; I don’t want to be alone. So I’ve been putting myself in situations where I’m alone and forced to meet new people. Doing this has actually helped me feel more comfortable with new people and places. I still prefer to be in my comfort zone with people I’m comfortable with. But I know now that it’s okay if I don’t have that, and I should say yes to new experiences.

I propose a challenge for everyone reading this right now. This weekend I want you to go out and do something new. This new thing can be very small, like going to a fancy dinner alone, or it can be huge, like planning a spontaneous vacation. Just say yes to something you normally would say no to. Trust me, it will feel amazing afterwards!

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