Total Body Bosu Ball Workout

Today we are using a new piece of equipment (at least for my site). Let me introduce you to the Bosu Ball. The Bosu Ball is a great piece of equipment that can increase the difficulty of your workout by challenging your balance. It can also add some fun variety to your standard exercises.

What I love about the Bosu Ball is the variety of exercises you can do with it… honestly the options are endless. Today I have about 20 different exercises that I am going to share with you. Each of these exercises will challenge either your balance, strength, or cardio. So get ready to work hard.

Follow along with the video or print the exercises below and go at your own pace:

Do 10-15 reps of each exercise.
* You can do each exercise without a Bosu Ball, and if you are new to exercise – I highly recommend mastering each exercise on the ground first

1. Side to side squat
2. Right foot on squat to knee pull
3. Side shuffle
4. Left food on squat to knee pull
5. Front raise
6. Bulgarian lunges
7. Bulgarian hops (No rest between the lunges and the hops)
8. Bulgarian series on other side
9. Squat jack
10. Taps in a circle (2 circles each direction)
11. Plank with hands on flat side
12. Burpee press
13. Plank with feet on flat side
14. Crunches
15. Reverse tabletop hold (dead bug)
16. Donkey kicks (one knee on)
17. Bird-Dog Reaches
18. Side plank (choose either feet or hands on ball)
19. Up and over push-up
20. Plank jack

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