Hiking Essentials

It is springtime and soon enough it will be summer. The weather is warmer and many of us are moving outside to workout. For those days where you feel like going on a nice hike and don’t know what to pack with you, here is a list of my hiking essentials.


My favorite headphones to take out hiking are the Miiego AL3 Freedom wireless headphones. I was lucky enough to get to test these headphones before a lot of people in the US, and I can’t praise them enough. The number of IPods I’ve messed by dropping or causing water damage from my sweat is too high. When I workout I used to stuff my IPod in the side of my leggings to keep them out of the way, which I do not recommend. These wireless headphones have saved me many IPods. I can just set my device to Bluetooth, turn on the headphones, store the IPod safely in my backpack and be on my way. Hands free and wire free is the way to go!

Flip Belt

This is one of my favorite accessories to wear out hiking or at the gym. The Flip Belt is a subtler fanny pack. It comes in several colors, but I have one in black. It can hold your keys, phone, and whatever other small objects you need with you during your hike! As a bonus, wearing something around your waist will remind you to keep your core tight during your hike!


Don’t ever forget your water! Even if you are going on a short hike, you don’t want to get dehydrated. And image if you were to get lost and not have water with you! If you want, add some BCAAs to your water. My favorite brand of BCAAs are from BPI. BPI Best BCAAs not only taste good but also help with recovery and decrease protein breakdown. They help preserve your lean muscle and will reduce any soreness caused from that intense hike!


It is smart to bring a snack with you everywhere you go, but it is especially important to bring one with you on a hike. If you know you are going on a long hike, bring a bigger snack or lunch. But even on a short hike you should be prepared. My favorite snacks to hike with are a protein bar like Quest (the smore’s flavor is my personal favorite), a piece of fruit (apples, oranges, banana), and a pack of travel size peanut butter (Justin’s honey peanut butter is delicious).


You need a hat to protect you from the sun especially if you are hiking in the afternoon. As summer approaches, the sun is going to get stronger. And remember, UV rays can get you even when it appears to be a cloudy day.


Going along with the theme of protecting your skin, you need to wear sunscreen. Any brand will work just make sure you are covered!


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