De-Stress During the Holidays

The holidays are great and lots of fun, but they can also be very stressful. The hectic shopping trips and party prep can be a lot. Traveling all day is no fun. Not to mention all of that family time (we all love our families but it can become pretty overwhelming). So, I wanted to give you a few quick ideas to de-stress this holiday season.

Go for a jog | A little bit of physical activity is great for reducing some anxiety and stress, plus it will be some much-needed alone time.

Long warm bath or shower | It’s winter, so it’s cold outside! Whether you’re a shower or bath person – go relax for 30 minutes, and you’ll be feeling re-energized after!

Yoga | If yoga is not relaxing for you, you may ignore this suggestion. But some light stretching mixed with some meditation can be great for de-stressing!

Breath | Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth. Just closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths can sometimes help keep you from smacking the person who took the last (insert hottest present here) from the store.

Listen to music | Whatever calms you down: acoustic, heavy metal, or some Christmas tunes – just take a minute to jam out.

Laugh | Listen to a comedians podcast or watch a dumb comedy film – just laugh a little bit! Everyone needs a good laugh every now and then, and it should definitely relax you for a little bit!

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