The New & Improved MFit Virtual Home Gym

Hey MFit Family! I have spent my quarantine building a brand new website, and I am thrilled to finally be able to share it with you! This new website is much easier to use and includes some really awesome features to help personalize your MFit experience and navigate the site easier! Watch the video below for a walk through of the MFit virtual home gym, or keep reading for the bullet points…

MFit virtual home gym

What’s new?

  • Some of the MFit workout plans have been updated with a new workout schedule and workout videos. If you have previously purchased one of these plans, then you just got a free upgrade! If you haven’t ever purchased one of my home workout plans yet, now is the time to get one!
  • All workout plans now come with these special MFit virtual home gym features:
    • Personalized Home Page
    • MFit Diet Planner
    • Community Facebook Group
    • Personalized Workout Library that allows you to search, sort, and favorite your workout videos
  • The free challenges are MUCH easier to find! If you have signed up for a free challenge, login and head over to the Free Challenges tab to access your free content
  • New design with mobile-friendly layout

I am super excited for you to look around the new website! The changes I made work better, look better, and will help personalize your home workout experience.

If you haven’t yet purchased a MFit plan or signed up for a free MFit challenge… what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start moving with me!

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