Sit Less For Weight Loss

Spending hours at your desk, sitting in traffic, or lounging on your couch for hours while you Netflix binge is hurting your body. Sitting too much slows metabolism, creates muscles imbalances, and shrinks your life span significantly. You need to spend less time sitting on your butt and more time moving!

Now-a-days technology can do much of our chores for us, which makes it even easier for us to be lazy. There is no need to clean the house, cook dinner, wash your own car, or walk your dog. There are apps and technology that can do all of these things for you. Some may view this as a good thing, and in some cases it is. Technology like this allows you to spend less time performing chores and more time doing more enjoyable things. However, most people use this spare time to sit and mess with even more technology.

Sitting all day is a problem. Even if you exercise daily, spending the rest of your day seated is not healthy. If you are trying to lose weight a 1-hour workout a day is fantastic. But, guess what? If you spend the remaining 23 hours sitting, you workout means nothing. If you only tried at your job for 5-hours a week, would you be successful? Probably not.

Trouble losing weight is only one of the problems you will experience from sitting too much. Sitting all day puts you at a greater risk for developing diseases like diabetes, cancer, or a heart condition.

The only way to lose weight and get healthier is to exercise regularly AND live an active lifestyle. An active person walks 10,000 steps a day. To some people that may seem like nothing and to others it may seem impossible. But, it’s what you need to strive for if you are going to get healthy!

I know… how can you walk more when you work a desk job, have to drive an hour to work, or just have to find out what happens next in Game of Thrones? Here’s are a few tips to get you up and moving:

Count your steps

Use technology for good instead of evil and invest in a fitness tracker to keep track of your steps. This way you can see if you are reaching those 10,000 steps a day. If you notice you are nowhere near that goal, don’t worry. Just work on getting 50 more steps than you got the previous day. You will not be able to go from 0 to 10,000 in one day, so make it a gradual process.

Set a timer

Sometimes you will get on your computer and look up 4-hours later not realizing where the time has gone. Don’t let that happen to you. Set an alarm on your phone to go off every 30-minutes to an hour. When that alarm goes off, get up and move.

Switch to a standing desk

You are more likely to move naturally if you are working at a standing desk. Very few people are able to stand completely still for hours at a time. Switching to a standing desk will keep you moving even if you don’t mean to.

Give yourself a break

This is a trick I use on myself to be more productive. Sometimes when I am trying to get work done on my computer I find myself taking a break to look at my phone or search the Internet for something. Now when I catch myself doing that, I make myself get up and do some jumping jacks or squats. Any time you are at work if you want to take a break, tell yourself you can either start your break with a short burst of exercise or keep working. You will either get a lot of work done or be super fit.

Pace during phone calls

This one is so simple and if you get nervous on the phone like I do, you may already do this. When you pick up your phone to start a conversation, get up and pace around your space. The activity may help you to think clearer and it will help you get closer to those 10,000 steps!

Keep the remote out of reach

Keeping that objects that aid in your laziness out of reach will help you become a little more active. If you really want to watch a movie, you will have to get up and walk to the remote.




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