2015 Check-In: Small Changes

We are two months into 2015. I know it feels like we were just ringing in the New Year, but we are already 8 weeks in. And I wanted to ask, how are those New Years resolutions going? Have you started them? Have you quit them already? It’s the time of year where people start to forget those goals they set for themselves on New Years Day. I’m here to remind you of them.

Was your New Years resolution to eat better? Now, if you have done that, great! If you were at In-n-Out last weekend… not so great. Here’s what I want you to do. Write down everything you eat for the next week. Take a look at the list of food you consumed after each day and decide how you feel about those choices. It’s easy to say ‘I vow to eat healthy in 2015’ … but to actually do it is a whole other story. It’s going to take work but starting with something as simple as an evaluation is achievable. If you notice you drank way to many sodas this week – that’s a good place to start.

If your resolution was to workout more and you’ve only gone to the gym once… here’s what I want you to do! Park in the farthest parking spot at work, school, the mall, and everywhere you go. Take the long walk. If you are parking in a parking garage – go to the top level and take the stairs. This is such a simple way to start moving again. Once you start to feel more active and less out of breath, try heading back to the gym. I know that sometimes the hardest part about going to a gym is feeling so out of shape that you can’t do anything. Getting this base level of fitness before going should allow you to walk in with more confidence.

Did you decide you were going to get more sleep this year? Well, if you’re like me – that hasn’t happened yet. But, it’s time to fix that. Take a look at your schedule and see how you can adjust your sleeping patterns. If one day a week you can go to work a little bit later, do that, and give yourself an extra 30-minutes to sleep. It doesn’t sound like a lot but the slight adjustment will give your body much more energy!

These are just a few resolutions. If you made different one’s take the same approach of making small changes. Small changes may be just what you need to get back on track and upgrade your lifestyle. No one said these New Years resolutions would be easy to maintain. You have to work hard – but once you start seeing the rewards from all of that hard work it will be worth it, I promise!

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