Losing The “Diet” Mentality

Let me tell you why you should never go on a “diet”. Diet’s end, and when they end, you will go back to your old ways. Diets are about cutting stuff out of your life, and you typically have a deadline in mind when you go on a diet. For example: I’m going to the beach in 4 months, so I am going to stop eating sugar until then. But then what happens when your 4 months are up? You go to the beach feeling mildly better about yourself, only to go home and 6 months later say the same thing. It’s a vicious pattern. I know that in between “diets” you probably don’t feel good about yourself. So, stop dieting and start changing your lifestyle.

Eat healthy all the time and don’t deprive yourself. Fill your “diet” with vegetables, fruits… fiber, protein, and healthy carbohydrates. And if you have a craving, eat whatever it is your taste buds are vying for. If you tell yourself you can’t have something, you will likely end up bingeing on that in a couple days. So, don’t deprive yourself of those cravings. I promise you it’s not that difficult. Cut the junk food out of your life slowly and give your body a chance to adjust. If you cut everything out all at once without warning your body, it will go into shock and crave the junk more.

Change your lifestyle so that when people ask if you’re on a diet you can say: “no, I just care about my body.” Take value in your body and health! Putting junk inside you and forcing your body into extreme diets every other month is so unhealthy. It won’t allow you to lose weight and keep weight off. If you aren’t going to adjust your lifestyle and eating patterns, you do not get to complain about your weight. If you aren’t willing to change, you don’t get to say you’re fat and nothing works. Something does work – eating healthy.

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