Holiday Gifts For Fitness Addicts

It’s holiday season, which means it is the time of year for gift giving. If you are stuck on what to get your peers this year – I’ve got you covered.  Here are some no-fail gifts for the fitness enthusiasts in your life.

Gym Membership or Class Package

Hit up your local gym or your friends favorite fitness studio and buy them a few classes. This is something they will definitely use and appreciate!

Fitness Tracker

You can purchase and activity tracker like the Fitbit.  If a fancy electronic tracker is too expensive, a standard notebook or food log book work great too! I for one love recording my food and activity intake and an old school notebook!

At-Home Workouts

Some people do not enjoy going to the gym but still love to workout. Give them an at-home workout option like the TRX or resistance bands. These tools can be easily transported and typically come with a DVD or booklet of exercises. I for one love experimenting with new fitness tools and exploring new exercises to add to my routine, so a new piece of exercise equipment is always on my Christmas list!

Corrective Exercise

This is one thing that ALL of your fitness-loving friends NEED in their lives. Corrective exercise like foam rolling and massages are vital to a fitness routine.  So, pick up a foam roller on Amazon or buy your friend a massage. My favorite purchase of 2015 has to be the BackJoy Trigger Point Massager, and I couldn’t recommend it more. Give it to a friend and they will either love or hate your forever… but mostly love.

Fitness Clothing

When all else fails all of your gym buddies will appreciate some new clothes! If you know specific sizes, look for some cute leggings. For a safer option look for a nice t-shirt or tank top. Some of my favorite stores to buy fitness clothing are Gap, Athleta, and Six:02 (a new fitness clothing store with lots of name brands)


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