HIIT Moves That Will Make You Sweat

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of cardio training in which you alternate between intervals of high-intensity exercises and low-impact active recovery. HIIT is fantastic for burning fat fast! Many people are opting to do shorter HIIT workouts instead of longer steady state cardio. And I support all of those people because I have seen this type of training transform my body as well as my clients. So, maybe you’re new to HIIT or perhaps you have done it for years but want some new exercises to throw into the mix. Whichever category you fall into, keep reading because I am going to share with you some of my go-to HIIT moves.

HIIT workouts can last anywhere from 4-30 minutes. You may be wondering how a workout can make you sweat in just four minutes. Well, the structure of the workout is made to challenge you. There is not a lot of rest, and you are expected to treat each working interval like a sprint. Four minutes of exercise is not a lot, so there is no time to slack off! You have to give those four minutes 100% of your energy. Then it’s all about incorporating the correct HIIT moves to get your heart rate up.

Below I have a list of HIIT moves that are sure to make you sweat. I’ve divided the exercises into two categories, one for plyometric exercises that require jumping and another for low-impact exercises for my readers that may be beginners or are not cleared by a doctor to do jumping movements. All of these HIIT moves will challenge you, so pick any combination of the following exercises and start your workout!

Plyometric Exercises:


This will always be a go-to HIIT move because it works! You can do lots of variations to make a burpee easier or harder. For a standard burpee, you will start standing, then place your hands on the ground and jump your feet back to plank. Add a push-up here if you can, and then hop back up to your starting position. From there you can go crazy and add extra jumps and push-ups, or eliminate the jumping if you are a beginner.

Tuck Jump

With one powerful jump you will bring your knees up to your chest and back down to land. Simple right? It’s easy to explain this exercise, but difficult to execute, so make sure you are safe! Always land soft and keep a slight bend in your knees the whole time. Keep your chest lifted and use your abs to pull those knees up in the jump.

Butt Kicks – Double Butt Kick

A basic butt kick jog is exactly what it sounds like. Jog in place, but kick your heels to your butt. For this exercise, I want you to do two basic butt kicks getting your right foot to your booty and then your left. Subsequently do one double butt kick by kicking both heels to your butt at the same time. The double butt kick is harder than it sounds!

Squat Jump

This exercise will not only get your heart rate up, but it will make your legs burn too! The exercise starts as a basic squat, but instead of simply standing up from the bottom of your squat, you will jump up as high as you can. Land soft with a slight bend in your knees and go right back down for the second rep. Try not to pause between squat jumps.

Low-impact Exercises:

Squat & Press

Perform a basic squat with feet roughly shoulder width apart. Like with all squats, sit low and keep the weight off your toes and into the back half of your foot. As you rise up from the bottom of your squat, press your arms up and over your head. You may do this exercise with or without weights.

Back Lunge Front Kick

Step backwards into a lunge with your right leg. Bend both knees equally at ninety-degree angles. From here, kick your right leg forward like you’re trying to kick down a door (lots of power). Alternate legs until the interval is finished!

Cross Body Punches

This is a fantastic option for those who have trouble with lunging and squatting movements. As you do this one, imagine you’re a boxer trying to win a fit! Keep your legs wider than hip-width apart so you have a solid base. Lift your arms, engage your core, and twist side to side as you throw your punches. Use your whole body to get more power in your punches, especially focus on using your back and abs. Use a punching bag or grab a buddy who can wear mitts for you to hit. Having an object to physically hit will force you to work harder! If you don’t have a target, that’s okay, this will still get you sweating!

Walk Down Push-ups

This exercise is challenging because it works so many different muscle groups! Start standing, and then roll down to place your hands on the ground. Walk out to a plank position and perform one push-up. Then walk your hands back towards your feet and roll up. That is one rep!


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