Your body is unique.
Your life is unique.

Your workout program also needs to be uniquely yours!

The coaching program for the person who is experiencing one of the following things: 

  1. High anxiety, stress, bloating, chronic fatigue 
  2. Joint pain or recovering from an injury that doesn’t allow you to jump into any workout
  3. You’ve had a come to Jesus moment and realized that you are not going to workout unless there’s somebody there to hold you accountable and tell you what to do

Look, I understand it can be overwhelming to get fit… especially when individual life circumstances get in the way.

There is a lot of information out there. But, that’s why I created MFit Custom Programming! I will sort through the noise and give you a custom, step-by-step program that will actually help you reach your health and fitness goals regardless of past failures, injuries, or any potential obstacles you’ve had in the past.

Can you relate to this?

  • You’re an anxious person with high stress. You are working out and doing a lot of cardio, but your body is not changing. And also the workouts aren’t alleviating your anxiety at all.

  • You are constantly bloated even though you’re eating healthy and working out. You’re body is a bit of a mystery to you… it seems like the harder you try, the less success you have.

  • You’ve tried to lose weight a dozen times with little to no luck. You really want to change your body but you’re overwhelmed trying to juggle life and health. You can’t find the time or the motivation to workout consistently.

  • Or maybe you’ve not been able to exercise because of an injury and now it’s affecting your mental health. You’re fed up because you feel like your body is working against you and are afraid it won’t be safe to exercise.

Bottom line is this...

When you are living in a situation where you have special circumstances, it’s going to require you to approach working out in a unique way. 

You may think something is wrong with you because no program is giving you results. But the problem isn’t you, it’s your program. Your program should mold itself to your life. You shouldn’t try to change who you are to do it. 

That’s exactly what I do with my clients. I help them program their workouts around their stress, anxiety, fatigue, and joint pain to ensure they have a plan that really matches their needs. Plus, I give them the accountability to do it because it’s hard to stick to it alone! 

What's Included?

→ Custom Workout Schedule ←
Be told exactly what workouts to do on what days so that you have a plan to follow that is tailor-made for you that you don’t even have to think about

→ Daily Texting ←
Private text communication that connects you directly with your coach so that you can have constant accountability and support

→ Monthly Coaching Calls ←
1-on-1 calls with your coach where you can go deeper on other aspects of your routine like: nutrition, joint pain relief, mindset, and more!

→ Community Events ←
Access to all MFit community coaching calls and workshops

* 3-Month Commitment *

The problems that I see keeping you from reaching your goals:

Custom Programming is for you if...

You have a very specific result you’re after on your health and wellness journey.

You want to lose 10-20lbs, get in shape and stay in shape for good. You’re sick of the yo-yoing scale and feeling like a failure.

You want to get moving again post-injury. You’ve been inactive, you need a program that will safely get you moving again.

You want to feel less aches and pains. Joint pain, headaches, bloating discomfort, emotional pain…
Let’s get rid of all of it!

You want to understand how to exercise with your changing hormones. You feel like you have no control over your body and want to change that.

Imagine this...

How your life changes right away with Custom Programming

Imagine what it would feel like if you knew the second you committed to this program you would have somebody in your corner to talk you through every workout, your food habits, the ins and outs of your body and to keep you on track? What a load off of your life that would be! You’re going to get immediate access to the answers that you need to reach your goals.

Just imagine, that immediate access is going to take off all the stress and all of the frustration that you currently feel.

Here is yow your life will transform completely in 3 months

Then imagine three months from now after we implement everything together, side by side, you’re going to be on your way to feeling so much better. You’ll feel fitter, more energized, less aches and pains and know that those results aren’t going anywhere!

Here's what Custom clients are saying...​


Most frequent questions and answers

MFit is all about short, low impact workouts. Most of your workouts will take 5-30 minutes to complete. Longer workouts can be given if requested.

If you have an injury or restrictions for any reason, this is THE program you need to be doing. I will adapt everything to work specifically for your needs. And you’re working with a coach who is a certified NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, FM Joint Pain Specialist, and deals frequently with injuries.

Absolutely! If you’ve been trying to lose weight but feel stuck… we will put the missing pieces together so you can finally lose weight and keep it off for good. The program is tailored to your needs, so if weight loss is what you’re looking for, weight loss is what you’ll get. And as your goals change, your program will adapt for your new goals.

This is an at-home program. It is not meant to be done at a gym or with fancy equipment. 

In Custom Programming, I take everything about you into account: your goals, your body, your background, your stress, your day-to-day life. I consider all of those things as I create a program that is going to get you where you want to be in your health and wellness journey.

I talk to you everyday via text and meet with you over Zoom to tweak and perfect the routine even more after our initial conversation. 

Yes! You have two options for payment.

You can either pay in full for the 3-month program for $945 (which gives you a 10% discount)

Or you can pay monthly for $350/month for 3 months (full price)

Meet your fitness coach

Hi, I’m Molly! I created MFit Workouts in 2013.  My mission is to help people feel confident and strong while working out at home.

After struggling with constant weight and energy fluctuations for 7 years, I figured out a way to break out of the all-or-nothing lifestyle and adapt a LESS IS MORE approach that leaves me feeling fit and energized all the time.

This is the approach I teach in every MFit program. I teach my clients how to make health and fitness a normal part of their life, instead of a stressful thing they can’t keep up with. My MFit Workouts are 30-minutes or less so you can get your workout done without wasting time or over-training.

These low impact workouts will not only transform your body, but also keep you safe from injury, prevent joint pain, and help you avoid that nervous system spike that happens after most workouts, so you can feel energized afterwards (instead of drained).